Back To School

Whether you are seasoned veteran or a first timer, back-to-school is a stressful time for every parent. Getting back into the mode of things so soon after the festive season should be like clockwork, yet it seems the ringer malfunctions every new year.

Excessively worrying over whether your child will wake up on time in the morning or if you are ready to be separated from your baby on their first day of school is inevitable. Stationery and a new uniform for an ever-growing child are just two of the many staples on the budget list when prepping for back-to-school.  Yet one ‘must-have’ seems to be left out: Your child’s ability to be money savvy.

Either prescribed to you by the school or created from experience, the list of ‘must-haves’ to adequately equip your child for the coming year will have to take priority over all else. Financial education may not be included in the curriculum taught in schools nation-wide, but you can amend this for your child’s benefit.

Launching this year in schools across Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal Money Savvy Kids (MSK) is a financial literacy program for children as young as five. MSK is more than a product. It is a pathway to developing mind-sets that will ensure that South Africa’s children not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out.

Equip you child with financial literacy skills by adding MSK in your back-to-school ‘must haves’ budget for the 2020 academic year.

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