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Step 10 – How to get money savvy: Budgeting

I have had to manage my own budget fairly tightly since the first hard lock down started a year ago. With a few months of zero income and being forced to spend my savings, I knew what i needed to do first to make sure I was not spending more than I earned. I relooked […]

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Tip 9 How to get money savvy: Debt management

South Africa is a buy-now, pay-later society. The effects on young people’s financial literacy are thus characterized by the same behaviour patterns as parents and society as a whole. These are high credit and high consumer behaviour with very little savings, and in turn high social risk behaviour. MSK is working to change this disastrous […]

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Tip 8 – How to get money savvy: Grow your wealth – Investing

“Growing your wealth” seems to be the new buzz word around town. Most financial institutions are trying to educate “the man on the street” about investing and trying to get them to use their platforms. That’s how easy investing has become. There are online platforms you can start to use to trade shares, bonds, ETF’s […]

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