Budget for The Festive Season


Originally an American tradition held every first Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has become the biggest sales promotion on the planet and South Africans are in for a treasure trove of bargains this November.

For those on a budget for the festive season and planning to stick to it, 25 November may be the Christmas shopping event you have been praying for. Marked as the kick-off to Black Friday deals, this is a one day affair happening across the country. This year marks only the third year since Black Friday has come to South African shores with food retailer, Checkers, being the first to offer promotions at slashed prices in 2014. In preparation for the start-off date, retailers have begun advertising their deals for 2016.

For those of you who have left the shopping list budget to the last minute and are looking to buy in bulk for the financially tough months that will follow, Checkers is the store to be. This retailer is known to offer everyday grocery products at ridiculously low prices on the day. In their 2015 Black Friday promotions, the store offered a coffee machine and OMO washing powder at half price. For those who are looking to outdo themselves with present giving this year and do it on a budget, Game is one store to check out. With the retailer having an array of electronics for kids and adults alike, saving will be in your Christmas future no matter what. Other retailers that are offering Black Friday deals are Dis-Chem, HiFi Corp and Takealot just to name a few.

When it comes to budgeting in any season, Money Savvy Kids (MSK) encourages the creation of a list of all purchases beforehand. It may seem tedious at first but it helps stop the urge to go overboard with your Christmas shopping and keep to the budget set out in the beginning. South Africa may not celebrate Thanksgiving but consumers will come out on the other side of Black Friday thankful for one thing: Keeping to a festive season budget.

So, in the spirit of Black Friday MSK is offering its own half price deal. Buy a MSK grade specific course and only pay half price. There will be afternoon lessons at our training facility in Bryanston 5 days a week between 2 and 5. Courses start running at the beginning of February.

For more information please email kathryn@moneysavvykids.co.za/ 079 3700 601

A Money Savvy Christmas

“When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, I know it is.” Oscar Wilde speaks a truth that echoes throughout many people’s lives today. And it is young children who are not taught to respect money, in particular, that are affected by this timeless and unchanging reality.

Research shows that the curriculum taught in schools today is currently failing many children when it comes to delivering adequate financial education. Money Savvy Kids (MSK) is a financial literacy program. We focus our curriculum around entrepreneurship, financial literacy and social entrepreneurship. That is your child’s best chance at enhanced understanding when it comes to money matters. We endeavour to bridge this gap with the MSK program through our online courses and classes held after-school hours.

The ability to spend wisely is not inherited. It is a skill that is learned throughout one’s life. Beginning at an early age, the ability to spend money correctly can be ingrained into your child through countless ways. Christmas is one great avenue of instilling these skills. With an abundance of specials that are expected to descend on all of us this festive season in all major stores across the country, involving your child in the process of choosing a present is a way to do this. It is expected that the majority of the stores do carry the item your child will choose and will sell them at different prices. Involve your child in this process in order for them to see how they can get a Christmas gift at a lower price. This will allow them better understand that they can save and have fun in the process.

Recognising this, we strongly encourage the involvement of children as young as six-years-old into our program. The MSK financial curriculum ranges from grades 0 to 7, and combines real-world education with easy-to-understand modules to further develop children’s learning. With this in mind, believe in your child’s ability to understand and involve them in the Christmas spending duties.