We have a solution to meet all our client’s needs. We are problem solvers and work hand in hand with our clients to deliver a solution to suit every unique brief.

Corporate content:

  • Financial literacy videos
  • Financial literacy training material (book format)
  • Online financial journeys
  • Social media content & Articles
  • Financial literacy boot camps
  • Internal staff training material (Brief specific)
  • Financial wellness workshops
  • Brochure content
  • USSD training platforms
  • SI projects (we work with schools, teachers and NGO’s)


  • Graduate training – “You are earning a salary, now what?”
  • Personal financial literacy workshops (Internal & external stakeholders)
  • Parent & Child workshops (Kids & teens)
  • Saving & Investment workshop
  • Stop surviving and start thriving workshop
  • How to survive on a fixed income when the cost of living keeps rising workshop
  • 5 – step programme to save you money monthly
  • Getting out of debt and staying out
Our Workshops